GCS Technical Bulletins

10K Resistance Chart

List resistance values at specific temperatures.

PSC2 Address Settings Chart

DIP switch settings for board address.

Graphics Resolution Instructions

Instructions for graphics sizing on different monitor resolutions.

Logic File Variable Listing

Logic variable locations for various board functions.

New Job Setup

Instructions for setting up a new job in the TriComm software.

Password Operation

Instructions for setting up passwords in the TriComm software.

PSC to PSC2 Upgrade Wiring

Instructions for replacing legacy PSC with PSC2 controller.

Refrigeration Control

Instructions for redundant control of coolers and freezers.

SD Card Replacement

Instructions for replacing SD card in supervisor controller.

VAV Air Flow Sensor Setup

Instructions for sensor setting in legacy VAV controller.

Cellular Modem PSC2 Board Connection

Instructions for connecting cellular modem to board.

Cellular Modem Cable

Instructions for cable from modem to PSC2 controller.

Connection Package

Instructions for standard CP cable package wiring.

PSC2 Modem Installation

Instructions for installing modem on PSC2 controller.

EM Notifier

Instructions setting up supervisor alarm notification firmware.

Analog Voltage Chart

Chart showing AO output to voltage.

Analog Pressure Chart

Chart showing AO output to pressure transducer.

Project Listing

Partial listing of projects utilizing GCS controls.

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